Best iPad Mount and Under Cabinet Stand to Get Inside Your Kitchen Space

Figuring out what wall mount to get for to help you out in the kitchen may not be easy as there are thousands of items on the internet to choose from. Nonetheless, here we made your choice a bit easier by selecting a few iPad kitchen stands that take less space and are fully integrated with the interior of your home.

white ipad on a wooden tray stand in the kitchen

You will find some practical ideas like the Belkin magnetic fridge stand or the kitchen cabinet mount that is especially suitable for small spaces. Check them out! Or visit the main iPad wall mount page for more mounting sets.

Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad 2,3 and 4 Generations

This is a type of a magnetic stand by Beklin for fridges, cabinets or walls. It is not a permanent stand and it can be easily removed with no damage and residue. The iPad kitchen mount is fixated with 3M Command Strips and no other tools are needed to mount it.

The fridge holder is only suitable for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th iPad generations. And it’s ideal for chefs to use it while cooking. When the tablet is attached onto the mount, a magnet keeps it in place. Once, the job is done in the kitchen the tablet can be removed.

There is no need of connectors and cables. You can mount it on any vertical surface. In the box for about $25 you will get the Belkin fridge mount; the 3M Command Strips and a user’s manual.

Universal Kitchen Stand by Belkin with Stylus

belkin kitchen stand

This specific stand by Belkin is designed for the kitchen environment. It allows you taking charge while cooking and quickly checking-in the recipe or having a facetime while the iPad is on the stand. Additionally, this mounting set includes a large stylus that can be used.

It can be useful if you are cooking, so you don’t touch the screen with dirty hands. The mounting kit does not include charging and power supply. Only the mounting stand that can be comfortably places on a flat horizontal surface, but not on walls and ect. It can fit any iPad device, since the stand is not full enclosure and it is not constrained by the device dimensions.

Kitchen Cabinet Mount for iPad

It’s another one of the popular Belkin manufacturers. If you are looking for a wall mount or under cabinet enclosure for iPad, this is an easy to install mount. No tools are needed. The mount fits in 7″ to 10″ devices as well as iPhone devices in vertical or horizontal position. The device is fixed safely on a wall, or a shelf. You can also remove the tablet when you need it. This iPad kitchen enclosure is also suitable for devices with cases.

The mount is not permanently attached to the counter and you can remove it and place it in the cupboard or drawer. But at its best, you will have a functioning piece of hardware that will keep the iPad off the counter. It is especially appropriate if you have a small kitchen and would like to make some space. In addition, you won’t need to worry if you can mount it yourself or not, as it is very simple to assemble. No charging installation, nor cutouts on the wall are required.

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Tablet Stand

This wall mount stand is quite similar to the Belkin Under Cabinet Holder. However, the CTA Digital 2-in-1 mount can be fixed on a wall as well as kitchen cabinets. It is suitable for all 7″ to 13″ devices including the newest iPad Pro 12.9″ from the 3rd generation. The mount offers a sleek stylish body made from aluminum.

It is another easy to install mount with mounting stand cradles and two foldable legs. In addition, the design features flexible joints that allow 360-degree rotation that covers every angle. It is the ideal solution for a quick removal of the device by pressing the quick release button. You can get this iPad holder in black or white.

CTA Digital Cutting Board Stand

This practical and durable bamboo knife storage board will last you for ages. What’s more there is a dedicated place to put your iPad device on a pedestal. You can opt for the bamboo board with a spot for the stylus or the bamboo board with screen shield for the iPad.

The iPad is easily attached to the raised wooden stand protecting the iPad from the chopped pieces of food. The cutting board is 18.75″ large block with enough of storage slots for 8 kitchen knives. This cutting board stand is suitable for iPad Air, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 2 and iPad Mini, or devices with displays up to 9.7″ including cell phones.

viveroo loop Dock

The viveroo loop dock is a great helper in the kitchen of the stylish household. It brings a full range of capabilities paired with an everlasting design that you will never get tired of. It is an iPad wall mount, but the set can be also integrated in tables and cabinets. It can be installed as a flush mount as well.

As the name suggests, the loop station is completely round. You can rotate the tablet on 360 degree. Added to that motion, the orientation of the iPad also changes together with the stand. Moreover, the tablet can be removed and locked any time you wish.

The wall mount is unlocked via an application or Bluetooth connection. Perhaps, the best news is that if you have old tablet that cannot function without being plugged in, this mounting kit provides the charging PoE connector that will supply power and Ethernet to the tablet. Thus, the installation may be a bit more complex than the mounting of the magnetic Belkin stand. Though, you will have power connection all the time.

The loop is compatible with the following iPad models:

  • Air/ Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7″
  • iPad 9.7″ (2018,2017)
  • iPad 10.2″ (2019)
  • Air 10.5″ (2019)

The manufacturer is also open towards custom-made mounts, so you can ask them your question and see if they can do it for you. The loop dock is great, but have you heard of the free flex charging station? Then see our top iPad holders in bed.

Basalte Eve

 Eve by Basalte is another classy iPad stand. In fact, it is the only stand that the company offers alongside other automation products and solutions. If you have never heard of it before, you will be surprised by the quick installation. It is still a wall mount enclosure for iPad that is attached via a magnet installed on the wall or on a desktop/table stand base. The stand is made from high-quality metals and is also permanently supplied with electricity once the right installation is done. It is perfect for the kitchen counter, and it guarantees to enhance the natural style of your home.

IDOC-PAD the Crestron iPanel Stand

We though, even though still in the kitchen, you may want to have a display panel on the wall or as a stand to control your home environment. Or at least, use the device for the home theater night. This stand by Crestron works in perfect balance with the Crestron Home App for automating your home.

The IDOC stand is a stylish choice that transforms the tablet into a stationary touch screen. Furthermore, it charges the iPad while on the docking station. The user is still able to fully benefit from the device’s microphone, speakers, camera and buttons. It allows for easy removal of the tablet as well. The stand is available as a wall mount or a tabletop mount with a base.

It is compatible with iPad Air/Air 2, iPad 6th Gen, and iPad Pro 9.7″. You can get it in two finishes – white and black.