iPad Pro Holder Review – Mounting A Pro Tablet on the Wall

How good do you think you are in mounting a Pro tablet on the wall? If you consider yourself a Pro in iPad mounting, we’ve got some stands for you to test your skills. Although, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can also find some easy to mount holders for iPad Pro devices.

Everything you need to know about the tablet to mount is the dimensions and the display inches. Furthermore, you will discover mounting gear with locking and easy to remove the tablet features. From flush mounts by Wall-Smart to the minimalist designs of viveroo, the internet has got it all. So, here we offer you a few special deals with high quality mounts that you can be sure will do a great job. Since we have them tested on our wall.

Best Wall Mounts with Charging

We vote thumbs up for the viveroo products, as they offer harmonious design lines and stable mounts made from aluminum. There are the “one, free, loop and square” wall and furniture mounts.  Functionalities include removing the tablet from the stand anytime you wish and rotating the iPad on 90° or 360°.

Moreover, the charging set is provided for no extra cost. All you need to do is have a look at the manual and get to work (or ask someone to mount it for you). Find here your Pro device and get some extra info about suitable iPad mounting sets!

The 9.7″ iPad Pro Display

If you own this classic beauty from the iPad Pro collection, you may come across mounts for home automation and business affairs with a locking highlight.

viveroo manufacturer only uses high quality pure materials from local sources. The wall mounts own elegant surfaces made using glass, aluminum or even alternatives such as gold and ceramic. Additionally, the loop mount is truly unique due to its round and classy style. The design colors are dark grey, silver, white and black.

The installation is quite simple. Though, if you feel unsure about the charging and how to connect the tablet to the electricity network, we recommend that you ask a technician to do it for you.

iPad Pro (1st & 2nd Gen.) 10.5/12.9″ Stands on a Wall

If you own the iPad Pro from the 1st and 2nd era of this unique assortment, you can count on viveroo, Hecklers’ designs, and VidaMount to find the right fit mounting set for your tablet. Prices can vary between $100 and $400. Though, keep in mind that the VidaMount charging solution is sold separately. So, even though, the mounting set is less expensive you may need to pay extra for it.

In addition, the Heckler company does not offer the charging and Ethernet adapter in the bundle. And therefore, it will cost an extra $270. Nonetheless, their wall mount is easier to install as you don’t need to cut out the wall. The mount comes in black grey and grey white.

Mounting Stands for iPad Pro (3rd Gen.) 11″/12.9″

Finally, for the iPad Pro 3rd generation owners, you can selecte between the viveroo Free, One and Heckler mounting holders and power stands for a wall. The first one is called “free” since the design allows to remove the tablet anytime, make a good use and put it back on its charring station.

The “one” creates the perfect symmetry between the tablet and the frame. The iPad comes into unity with the wall mount. Whether you fish for an easily removable stand with a lock or a harmonious design, you will get both aspects covered in the viveroo products. See more of the viveroo mounts on our best iPad Mini wall mounts page.

Charging the iPad Pro Once on the Wall

Usually the mounting bundle includes the charging cables and connectors that you may need. Additionally, if you don’t want the iPad to be charging, you can add a simple holder on the wall like the Koala one by Dockem. But having no charging feature can be a problem when using the tablet in a public space where no one is supposed to remove it unless needed. Thus, it’s better to mount to consider the power supply before.

Which is the best iPad Pro wall mount?

You should definitely consider the purpose you need it for, whether charging and locking is necessary and the cash you are willing to pay. You can come across less expensive products can do a decent job holding the tablet. Though, if you want to get a high-quality product and make your life easy, get the viveroo docking stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive from our readers. Hoping that this short review was useful for you and provided some light in tunnel. Good luck with the mounting!

Can an iPad Pro device be mounted in the kitchen?

You can certainly use the mounting set by viveroo to mount in the kitchen or inside the cupboards. In fact, some customers wish to read recipes, enjoy music while cooking and having dinner. Even though, the iPad cannot do the dishes yet, it can switch on the dishwasher with the home automation solutions.

Is the stand for iPad Pro convenient for the bathroom?

You can surely mount it on masonry and tiles if that is your concern. The viveroo producer offers various mounting sets for your specific needs and wants. Whether you wish to integrate the iPad into the kitchen table or mount it on a solid wall.