Best Docking Station with Charging for iPad Mini

Discovering the best wall mount for the iPad Mini generation tablets can be a difficult endeavor. Moreover, you can find all sorts of wall mounts and holders with charging or without. Well, it turns out that they are some high-quality producers. Luckily, here you will get to know their brands, the mounting equipment they offer and how much it costs a wall mount set for the iPad Mini 4 and 5 devices. Even so, visit our best iPad wall mount page to find out about other mount producers.

The “Mini” Dimensions

The iPad Mini is the only 7.9” display tablet released by Apple. It is not quite the standard 9.7″ tablet that you could expect from Apple. Therefore, the name perfectly describes the generation. The full dimensions of the tablet are 8-inch height (203.03 mm) x 5.3 (134.8 mm) width x 0.24 (6.1 mm) depth.

Here we put emphasis on mounting sets for Mini 4 and 5. Although, if you possess an iPad Mini 2nd or 3rd generations, the height difference of those two is about 7.87 inch (200 mm). So, the mounting sets offered in the review won’t fit the earliest Mini tablets.

Mounting Mini 4 and 5 Models on the Wall

Our very first producer for those two iPad models is viveroo. If you would like to make your life easy and get a stable product that is also sustainable, go for the viveroo free iPad stand. The manufacturer utilizes certified equipment to provide charging and Ethernet adapter taking care of the lasting battery life and the network connection.

The mount is produced from aluminum and no plastic parts have been used. With the free stand, you will also be able to remove the tablet from the dock while it connects automatically to the wireless network. You will also get a product that has an aesthetically appealing design and minimalist shape.

The product is offered in silver and dark gray. The price for the mount depending on the iPad model can vary between $300 and $400. They also offer a mounting set for furniture and solid surfaces. If you, however, that the mount is a bit overpriced, we consider that you check out VidaMount, Maclocks or CTA Digital products.

Why to Get an iPad Mini Mounted?

The main reason for mounting an iPad on the wall is home control. Though, it is not always the case. Hotels, museums, fair centers and even hospitals may use on-wall tablets to show information, check-in/out guests and to control lightning, sheds, background music, TV, and room temperature.

The beauty of the wall mounted tablet is that all those commands can be started with a single command – ‘Welcome’. It’s a reverse action – lights/music go off and doors are instantly locked when the ‘Goodbye’ command is activated. Are you curious to learn about iPad Air wall stands? See our page then.

Anti-theft Security for Mini Wall Mount

The good news is that if you require theft protection, the viveroo mount feature an optional security system using a mechanical key to lock the tablet.

The key is integrated inside the wall mount design, so you can enjoy the slim and elegant design of the stand. Other producers like Maclocks count on a physical key locking with a possibility for a second cable lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find some more information related to the iPad Mini wall mount that we didn’t have the opportunity to discuss in our article. If you would like to find out a wall mount for iPad Pro generation, please visit our iPad wall mount page.

Where should you mount it?

You can mount the iPad almost anywhere. Keep away from the bathroom as the damp can damage the device over time. You will probably need a waterproof case.  And be careful when making a cutout in the wall. If necessary, ask a professional to do the electrical installation for you.

What other wall mounts are on the market?

Besides the in-wall mounts, you can find flush mounts and magnetic VESA plates. However, if you own an iPad Pro or iPad Air, you will need another mounting kit due to the different tablet sizes. Instead, find our best mount picks for generation Air and mounting stations for the iPad Pro series.

How to charge the iPad Mini once mounted on the wall?

When purchasing an iPad wall mount by viveroo, you will have the charging cable and connectors in the set. Then you will need to do the electric installation. Or you will need to plug it in near to the stand to charge it. Another way is to use a magnetic station that charges your iPad wirelessly as well.