Reviewing the Best Mounting Gear for iPad Air on the Wall

Looking to get an iPad Air wall mount on the internet? Fortunately, we do a short review of the mounting sets for iPad Air 1, 2 and 3 today. the German company, viveroo, currently offers the best solutions for home automation and public spaces like museums, offices and hospitals. Not only you will find an everlasting design and quality materials, but also highlights like locking, PoE supply, and rotating mechanisms. Find the best iPad wall stand here.

Top Wall Mount for Apple iPad Air 1st Gen

iPad Air is definitely not the last release in the Apple tablet collection. In fact, as the tradition goes with the Apple tablets, the production was discontinued early in 2017 before the launch of the iPad Pro generation. Recently, a third tablet of the Air family was launched in March 2019. Despite that, here you will find some details for the best iPad Air wall mount and why we think so. And perhaps if you still own one of those three iPads, then see the iPad 2,3 and 4 wall mounts.

The iPad Air has the following dimensions:

240 mm (9.4 in) height x 169.5 mm (6.67 in) width x 7.5 mm (0.30 in) deep

In accordance to this fundamental knowledge, we picked our best mounts. But before even making your buy, there are perhaps a number of aspects that you might want to consider. First, you need to make sure what type of mount you like to get, where and how you would like to use it and the price you are willing to pay. Some holders are especially suitable for the easy installations, but do not provide full time charging. Therefore, the mounting sets are less expensive.

We enjoy the wall mount docking station by viveroo. Their free mount is suitable for all iPad Air generations. Additionally, it has a very simple and modern design. The docking station comes with a minimalist shape and full capabilities. It is simple to remove the tablet, lock it with a mechanical key and charge it using the integrated USB cable.

Mounting Kits for iPad Air 2

There is a very minimal exterior difference between iPad and iPad 2. Therefore, most mounts that are suitable for iPad Air 1 are also a good fit for iPad Air 2. The only difference is that the iPad 2 seems to be shallower by exactly 1.4 mm than the first Air tablet. Although, the second Air tablet is thinner, some producers of wall mounts provide foam to fill up the space. So, it is not an issue that you should worry about. Luckily, viveroo offers a few other wall mount holders iPad Air 2.

Well, the free wall mount is simply the best. Sometimes, though there are cases when you might like to get rid of the traditional 4-square wall mount. Thus, you can instead get a round iPad dock. The rotatable viveroo loop will do a great job for an Air 2 device. In its loop mechanism, you can rotate it, lock it, remove it and repeat all over again. The viveroo mounts usually come in 3 colors – black, white and silver with glass or aluminum covers.

Mount for 10.5″ iPad Air/3rd Gen/ Device

The “one” as they call it may be the perfect wall mount for the newest iPad release from 2019. The mount is quite unique with its very low-profile frame. It merges with the iPad as a natural extension of the tablet. It is another minimalist design mount from the viveroo collection. The pieces are fixed to the wall with a screw cap, and you wouldn’t even notice them.

Charging and locking features are provided as well. In fact, this wall mount is not really suitable if you are considering removing the tablet often. All ports and cables are hidden behind the mount. So, that you are only left with a great looking piece of precise engineering made from pure aluminum. The tablet is powered via PoE connector which allows for a LAN networking.

Simple Steps to Install a Wall Mount

Installation is not always that simple. And even the greatest mastermind can get entangled in thoughts or cables. Luckily, some mounts do not require a wall cut-out and can be fixed with adhesive straps. Although, if you have decided to walk the extra mile for that electric installation, you may need to make some space for the cables. Here we give some quick advices how to get better prepared. Though, it’s best if you get an advice from a professional.

  • Open the mounting set and try to solve the puzzle by putting the part together
  • Switch off the electricity. And measure the space you will need for the mount frame. Cut slightly bigger. Then you can fill it and paint it over.
  • It’s always a good idea to get an advice from technician or let them do the mounting
  • Connect the cables to the tablet and the electricity network
  • Place the charging and network cables in the wall.
  • Mount the rear plate and the tablet together with the front cover.
  • Turn on electricity and you are ready to go.

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