Best Wall Mounts for iPad 2,3 and 4 Generations

We review the best wall mount for the very first iPad generations from 2 to 4. If you are looking for an easy to install holder or a sophisticated piece of solid aluminum, you will find our best recommendations on this page. Find your device of interest and read below. Or visit our iPad wall mount page.

Wall Mounts for iPad 2nd Gen Devices

Some things to consider before making a buy for wall mount are the size of the tablet, your charging requirements and the flexibility of the device once mounted. Certainly, the more features the wall stand offers the more it costs. Though, if you do not need your tablet to be constantly charged, you can find suitable mounting holders from CTA Digital for about $20. However, the more expensive mounts will offer a locking and charging systems, and the ability to shift from landscape to portrait modes without removing the tablet or demounting the plates.

If you are uncertain about the dimensions of your tablet, you can find them online or go to “settings” and then “about”. There you will find the model number, which you can check on Google for more info.

There is also not much difference between the 2, 3 and 4th edition of the Apple tablets apart from the software updates. Therefore, if you have a mount that fits the 2nd iPad, it will also be a good fit for the 3rd and 4th iPad generations.

Docking Stations with Charging Power

There are few ways to charge the mount depending on the docking station that you select. Perhaps, if the old iPad 2 cannot work without being plugged in all the time, you will need a mount with an electrical installation. If you don’t want to bother with the electrical installation, some magnetic stands can charge wirelessly.

Though, it is always a good idea to get in touch with the product manufacturer and require the details if you are not sure whether they provide charging or not. If you wish a high-quality mount with charging and locking, and a great design, we recommend the iPad wall mounts by viveroo. If you have another device from Apple, see, for instancem the iPad Air wall mounts.

Hall Frames and Colors

Wall mount frames can be of any shape or colors. Sometimes the construction of the mount is very similar to a photo frame while other makers focus on minimalist design and low-profile frames. There are also fixed wall mounts that convert your iPad into a touch panel display. And kiosk mounts with tilting function. The price for the reliable products is between $100 and $500.

The 3rd iPad Mounted on the Wall

Wall mounts and holders for iPad 3 are easy to find. Just like the ones for the 2nd Gen iPad, you have a variety of choice when it comes to materials, designs and producers. You will also find charging stations, kiosks or simple to install wall holders. Prices very between $15 for the Koala mount by Dockem and $350 for the aluminum frame by viveroo.

4th Apple iPad Generation Mounting Gear

The 4th gen iPad was release long ago in the year 2012.And similarly to other tablet releases by Apple, two years later the production of the model was discontinued. Even though, the tablet has a long history on the market, and probably hard to find gadget these days, if you are owner of this one, you can luckily find the proper mounting equipment.

Wall Mounts with Power

Charging alternative include a PoE connector and the use of an USB cable for all three iPad models. Currently, viveroo and VidaMount are the ones to offer about 6 types of charging holders on the wall for the very first iPad models.

What We Think About It

The old iPad can still do a good job on the wall for either home automation or other commercial use. And it is common to find wall mounts on the market fitted for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th iPad generations. The type of products varies from white, silver and black to the level of difficulty for mounting and the size of the frame. The

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to some of the commonly asked questions by our readers. Hoping that our short guide was of a good benefit to you. Even so, read those queries if you want to learn more about the wall mount topic. Or skip the line and find the perfect stands for an iPad Air.

Where to buy an iPad wall mount if you are from the UK?

Check out the Redline reseller of viveroo in the UK if you are looking for quality mounts with power. They have individual and business clients. Another reseller is the American VidaMount brand for on-wall tablet mounts and floor stands in Britain.

How easy is it to mount an iPad on the wall?

It is quite easy to mount an iPad. The best news is that the mounting set provides with the equipment. Though, you may still need to find some tools for drilling and ect. Also make sure to check that the set you are buying provides with the charging parts and cables. Unless, you want to provide them separately.